Wedding Meal Fresh Off the Farm

425Natalie Warner, of Borrowed and Blue, recently asked me the most important questions that a client should have for their caterer. I mentioned the importance of finding out WHERE your food would be sourced from – no bride wants her special day accompanied by defrosted chicken, when she could be getting her appetizers and entrees straight off a local farm.

What it all boils down to it, however, is not only what the bride is asking her caterer. Oh yes, everyone should be well informed, but that is my opinion regarding ALL food – not just for special events. I think that whether you are a soon-to-be bride, or just perusing a grocery store it is your right and unfortunately your responsibility to ask where your food is coming from. Unless you are talking face to face with your farmer, there is a good chance whomever is providing you with food might not rush to tell you its backstory.

I don’t believe in “canned” wedding packages.  A wedding should be a reflection of the people it is celebrating – quirky, and special. It is my job to understand WHO my clients are, and WHAT makes them special. Otherwise, WHY would they come to me?

I love coming up with ways of highlighting these quirks through special place settings or party favors. I love finding the perfect style of catering to meet each client. Not everyone wants a seven-course dinner, and we are equally happy to help coordinate an intimate potluck for a couple’s special day.

It always is, and always should be about the COUPLE and the couples families and values.

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