We Are Preparing for Our Upcoming Cleanse this October

John Bagnulo and I have been teaching workshops since 2009 and we are a solid team. John teaches science and I teach the recipes. We both teach about balance and well being and ways to tune into your own health. We have a lot of fun teaching and learning from our participants and from each other. Consider 5 days with us. I know it will make all the difference!

During the Fall it’s not uncommon to experience fatigue, weight gain, and to crave carbohydrates. I know I just want to eat warm potatoes with loads of butter! The shorter daylight hours can have a profound effect on our circadian rhythms and hormones, such as adiponectin, which is key in maintaining insulin sensitivity and your body’s fat burning ability. Fall is the perfectly good time to recommit to your healthy lifestyle.

Insulin resistance can lead to many of the chronic health problems we see today, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more. Insulin has a cascading effect on all of your hormones

An imbalance in insulin and glucose levels can be fixed with diet and lifestyle changes.We will teach you the benefits and recipes of a low carb, moderate protein, higher (good) fat diet.

Of course there are many factors that influence a balanced life and we are all different. We will discuss how a one size diet does not support us as individuals seeking health. It really is about tuning into our own lives and exploring what works and where we each need to focus.
We will cover many topics including :

  • Detox: Detoxifying detoxify the various metabolites of the most common plastics through meals.
  • Sleep: Sleep has a reparative effect on metabolism.
  • Fasting: The importance of intermittent fasting.
  • Walking barefoot: The health benefits between our bodies and the electrons in the earth.
  • Toxicity and Allergies: Mercury toxicity, magnesium and vitamin B12 deficiencies, and gluten allergies that wreck havoc with your health
  • Stress:Stress creates hormonal responses that cause weight gain and insulin resistance.

Eliminating Sugar and Plastic From our Diet and Our Body
John Bagnulo/10/2017

The effects of excess dietary sugar are well known and appreciated, although the safe upper ceiling is probably a lot lower than most people appreciate! Our bodies can certainly use some sugar whether from refined or whole sources, but when we rely on it extensively it starts to damage our mitochondria and we become metabolically inflexible.  This basically means tat we are less fat-adapted and not as effective in using fat as a fuel.  The solution is to wean ourselves off of sugar and the most significant sources of carbohydrate, at least for awhile, in an effort to become more fat adapted.  This process can improve our health in so many ways and within so many of the body’s systems.  Our brain’s function better, our circulation is better, and all around we start to see and feel what it is like to be free of the carbohydrate roller coaster that has become the norm for most people.

This past year research in several areas of biology (from marine to human) have showed that we are all being exposed to massive amounts of plastic.  Most of us are consuming micro-plastic from either our drinking water (there is currently no municipal water treatment system that eliminates it!) or from eating any type of seafood (the smallest fishes contain the most!). The effects in animal models are very concerning to say the least.

In addition to following the most basic guidelines for reducing our exposure to micro-plastic, there are several critical ways to help our bodies detoxify the various metabolites of the most common plastics.  One important practice is to avoid the use of acetaminophen.  Acetaminophen aka Tylenol(R) requires the same detoxification enzymes as styrene and other plastic break-down products.  Research with animals possessing the same detoxification pathways as humans has shown that with exposure to styrene, acetaminophen greatly increases the toxic burden as the two chemicals share the same detoxification pathway. In addition, the enzyme ALDH2 is highly influential in helping the body eliminate plastic metabolites so there is an implication to reduce alcohol intake.

Many foods offer incredible plastic-detoxifying properties. Watercress and arugula are two superstars in this area, as well as many of their closest relatives.  If you combined these greens with the most abundant sources of glutathione, such as spinach, vine ripened tomatoes, or avocados, you can create meals or recipes that provide your body with the essential nutrients that drive glucuronidation: the scientific name for the process of detoxifying most plastics we have in our bodies.

We look forward to sharing all we know that will help you free yourself from the carbohydrate/sugar-based way of eating as well as detoxifying the plastic that your body may have accumulated.  Recipes, the latest science, as well as a lot of fun and great community!

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