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Ismail A. Samad is our new Executive Chef at Kitchen Porch!

By Jan Buhrman

He aligns perfectly with all that Kitchen Porch stands for in the collaborate, sustainable world as we define together what that means and how we can make the world a better place through community and food! He is a like-minded fell of mine: he loves to chat and plan with growers, foragers, purveyors, artisanal...

Spiced Grape Jelly

By Jan Buhrman

I love a good jelly with my pork or lamb. This is the perfect jelly for these meats.       Makes 12 jelly jars 1 gallon grapes with stems removed 1 pint red wine vinegar ¼ cup cloves ¼ stick cinnamon 1 pound of sugar You could make this jam entirely local with the...

The Sustainability Claim

By Jan Buhrman

Notes for Talk on Sustainable Claim: Written for talk on Women, Chefs, and Restauranteurs in Los Angeles 4/18 I’m a caterer on Marth’a Vineyard and supporting my local farmer’s is what gets me excited! We have been creating menus with fresh produce from our Vineyard fields, and seafood from our our shores for 26...

Make your own nut milks

By Jan Buhrman

Last year, John Bagnulo and I led a retreat on gut health in Costa Rica where participants learned about the health benefits of grass fed milk from dairy cows and also learned about the dangers of carageenan in non-dairy milk. Recent findings at the University of Illinois College of Medicine showed that even minute...

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