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Stuffed Onions

By Jan Buhrman

Stuffed Onions is a Catering Favorite on Martha’s Vineyard. I will stuff onions from Morning Glory Farm with Sweet Potato Mash, Summer Ratatouille,  or Corn Souffle!(depending on what is in the fields of course! This is one of those easy to make with left-overs dishes that can be perfect as a main dish and side...

Make your own nut milks

By Jan Buhrman

Last year, John Bagnulo and I led a retreat on gut health in Costa Rica where participants learned about the health benefits of grass fed milk from dairy cows and also learned about the dangers of carageenan in non-dairy milk. Recent findings at the University of Illinois College of Medicine showed that even minute...

It all Starts with the GUT

By Jan Buhrman

The gut is the center of the digestion system and the center for staying healthy. It all starts with your gut. If your gut isn’t happy, your health is compromised. Imbalances or disturbances of the gut microbes can lead to a wide range of diseases including obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases, depression and anxiety. Research...

Beef Broth

By Jan Buhrman

There is no comparison to homemade stock from that found on the shelves in the grocery store. It is one of the most economically rich foods to include in your weekly plan. Find a farmer (possibly at a farmer’s market) or ask your butcher if they can get you grass-fed beef bones. Broths or...

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