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My Favorite Holiday Recipes

By Jan Buhrman

My favorite holiday recipes. I wish for you jolly times around the table with  your favorite recipes, good friends and those you love this holiday season. I share with you some of my favorite holiday recipes. Wassail I have created my own version of apple cider and eggnog. I had something like this in...

A Taste of Place: Terroir

By Jan Buhrman

According to Wikipedia:  “Terroir is the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with the plant’s genetics, express in agricultural products such as wine, coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, heritage wheat, cannabis, and tea.” Simply:  It’s the taste of place, more complex; it is reconnecting with the flavors...

Nettle Pasta

By Jan Buhrman

Rinsing Nettles (wear gloves!) Nettles are everywhere I look and I can’t control myself! Today I made nettle pasta. Here is a very simple recipe for homemade pasta from my friend Wilma from Tavarnelle Val di Pesa Florence, Italy. eggs from healthy chickens in a well of flour Pasta 101 4 cups Semolina flour...

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