Spiced Grape Jelly

I love a good jelly with my pork or lamb.

This is the perfect jelly for these meats.

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Makes 12 jelly jars

1 gallon grapes with stems removed

1 pint red wine vinegar

¼ cup cloves

¼ stick cinnamon

1 pound of sugar

You could make this jam entirely local with the use of honey or maple syrup as a sweetener. If so, you may want to add a little pectin to firm up the texture and help the set.

Rinse grapes, stem them, then rinse again. Bring the grapes and any juice to a boil over medium-high heat; reduce heat and simmer until grapes begin to disintegrate, release their seeds, and break down. Pour into the bowl of a food mill and pass through the food mill; discard grape seeds. Add sugar and salt, return to pot. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, then continue to cook at a brisk boil (lowering heat if jam begins to stick) until the gel stage.You can test this with a spoon and place in the freezer. (Dip a spoon in the jam and place in freezer for 10 minutes. Check and see if this is jell consistency. If not, continue to cook until it reaches a nice jell. Ladle hot jam into hot, sterilized jars to 1/4-inch headspace. Pass a wooden utensil along the sides of the jars to remove any bubbles, wipe rims, affix lids and process in a water bath for 10 minutes.



This jam is quite low in sugar compared to traditional recipes.  If you like a sweeter jam, increase the sugar. If you want it even more sour, decrease the sugar to 1/2 cup. You do need some in order to set the jam.







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