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A story behind the food you eat~


Questions about a food or product ~

Sheryl Soup invites you to participate in our commitment to knowing our food sources.

This is a wonderful opportunity to join Kitchen Porch as the kitchen is organized for the season and foods and products are scrutinized and questions are asked about sources, ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and distribution methods, and whatever else we need to know about our food and where it is coming from.

Whether it is a vegetable you buy in the supermarket or a bag of chips you pick up at a whole foods market, we want to know:

  • Where did it come from?
  • When was it harvested?
  • How is it processed and distributed?
  • What is the nutritional value?

Send in stories or questions to  We will research and answer your inquiry right here!  In addition, we will be sharing our own inquiries and  findings with you.

Who knows what we might find when we delve into what is really in our food…

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