Fire Cooking & BBQ

Over the years, we have developed great collaborations with professionals in the food world. Martha’s Vineyard is geographically small, but we draw a large crowd of food lovers and meal creators. We bring in those that are true artisans. We support their creativity and create collaborations on many levels. We have worked with many wonderful chefs and bakers, developing long term relationships, creating expressive and fun times! Nothing is more satisfying than working side by side with a chef who has the same common values and approaches to food and creating great meals together.


Local Smoke is one such collaboration. We have worked with both Tim Laursen and Everett Whiting the past 8 years as Local Smoke- “The SWAT team of BBQers”

This season, we will once again be serving meals created straight out of the smoker developed and hand forged by Tim Laursen. Tim has recently launched his own business called SMOAK and while he is branching out, we are continuing our collaboration.


We offer: Family-friendly, no-frills, country-style BBQ buffet to a weeding Pig Roast.

Depending on the menu, you can all it a BBQ, a Lobster Bake, Open Fire Dinner Party. Inspired by Francis Mallman, we use fruit hardwoods for our fires.


Dinner are primal, yet sophisticated and always contain elements of fun.



If your looking for a full -on Pig Roast, (using a Berkshire, Small Farm Raised Pigs ) with all the fixins’ or something a bit more sophisticated with tableside service, we can create your event !

It can be as simple as the smoker rolls up and the side dishes are put out with the smoked pig and chicken on a buffet with no service. Or we can provide full service with creatively dressed tables, or hay bale and low tables. Or anything in between. We can make your event as causal or as dressed as you wish.


Menus (of course!) change with the season and availability

BBQ WHOLE Pig smoked slowly over 14 hours in our black caldron cooker

Berkshire or Heritage Raised Small Farm Pig
along with a selection of other meat and fish, all cooked on location.




Traditional BBQ, Vinegar Based Mop Sauce, Gremolata, Chimichurri,

Other Animal Selections:


Whole Slow-Roasted Pig

BBQ Beef Ribs

Dry-Rubbed Island Chicken

Rosemary-Brushed Lamb Asador

Wild Salmon or Swordfish cooked by fire

Whole Split Butter and Tarragon Rubbed Lobster

BBQ Roast Turkey

Our Own Sirloin Burgers



Classic summer salads with an artisanal touch

Carrot, Cabbage, and Broccoli Slaw (sans mayo)

Today’s harvest of Local Vegetables, Some Cooked, Some Raw, Some Shredded and all Tossed with Loads of Herbs and a Buttermilk Dressing

Corn, Tomato, and Basil Salad

Vindoo Three Potato Sald with all the Warm Spices of India

Mac & Cheese

Cold Beet Soup

Stuffed Onions

Fire Roasted Local Veggies

Corn Bread



Smoked Out Delicious Additions

Oysters and Cherrystones with Lemon

Burnt Oranges with Rosemary for dessert

Smoked Peaches with Dukkah and Cream

Corn Bread

Price Begin at $40. Per Guests

With Whole Pig and Chicken and Three Sides


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