Refreshing Morning Smoothie

8868423660_e5c21d4753_bWe are all about starting the day with a morning smoothie!

If you add a few options, you can start your day with 7 vegetables (only 7 more to complete your daily intake!)

(all goes in a vitamix or similarly powerful blender)

1 whole lemon, with the peel
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 whole cucumber, with peel
1 whole avocado, with pit and peel removed
4 cups of raw spinach, but watercress is more nutritious and tastes better!
fresh ginger, to desired strength
optional: celery, turmeric, beets, blackberries

Serve cold. Use within an hour or the spinach and avocado turn brown!

Image courtesy Pamela Bates 

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