Plastics and Our Health

John Bagnulo and I offered a Fall Cleanse retreat last week. Our focus was on Plastics, Gut
Health and a Low Carb Diet. Gut health and the interrelationships between environmental or
psychological stress was the common thread throughout the week.
Plastics have a huge effect on human health, and cause long-term pollution in our food chain,
specifically the fish, wreaking havoc on our gut health. Plastic pollution often is not visible to the
naked eye. Research is showing that there are microscopic plastic particles in the air and in all
our oceans. Plastic particles are everywhere, tiny beads of plastic, coming off exfoliant in personal
care products, and in the microfibers of our clothing… all are designed to be washed
down the drain. They enter the environment where they can have a devastating effect over the
long term as they are ingested up the food chain.
Plastics in the ocean are more than a concern; they are a crisis.
This is a new and challenging concept that may make eating fish a challenge, but the research
is clear: seafood across the board is contaminated with micro plastic. John had a big warning
about eating seafood: his colleagues and associates are sharing their findings on plastics and it
is just depressing. On every level of the food chain, plastics are contaminating everything.
Here is a PDF report on how pathogens effect our gut health.
I am considering ways that I can take the plastics out of my kitchen and this is a giant challenge!
Here I outline some resources I have been reviewing on how to begin the process of a plasticfree
Bring your own bags to the grocery.
STOP USING the plastics bags for produce. I wrap everything in a damp towel
Refuse plastic bags and bring your own reusable bags wherever you go – heck, while you’re at
it, REFUSE all single-use disposable plastics
Plastic bags are often used for minutes only before being discarded. And most plastic bags are
not recycled, thus ending up in landfills – where they take hundreds of years to break down – or
in the environment as toxic pollution.
There are now all kinds of reusable bags out there. Choose what works for you, and carry it with
you in your pocket, coat, purse or car. We offer various ones here, including bags for
A reusable stainless steel bottle or a glass bottle is the way to go!. You can do amazing things
with simple mason jars…
Use non-plastic containers for food – lunches, leftovers, freezing, storage, take-out, traveling…
Here I am listing resources I am reading:
Environmental Working Group
Life Without Plastics
Stop MicroWaste
Plastic micro waste has been detected in approximately 600 marine species.
If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to living without plastic in most aspects of everyday
life, you should consult Beth Terry’s Plastic-Free Living Guide. Beth is the intrepid author of
the blog, My Plastic-free Life.

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