Oysters are truly a sustainable food  – they are having a significant impact up and down the eastern coast .

They are saving our ponds on Martha’s Vineyard where excess nutrients from septic systems and lawn fertilizers have been slowly killing the ponds’ ecosystems. With the introduction of oyster farming, our ponds are coming back and oyster farming is becoming a lucrative and viable business. Oysters improve water quality because they take up excess nutrients. This process helps beneficial bottom plants thrive and helps in restocking of the wild species as well as other marine animals.

The impact of oysters can be seen economically, environmentally, and nutritionally.

Oysters have a good source of essential nutrients such as zinc, vitamin E, magnesium and potassium, as well as being one of the few foods we can get selenium from.  In addition, oysters provide an excellent source of protein and are low in calories.

Oysters are good for us!

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