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We have a new spice mix at the local West Farmer’s Market. It is a Kitchari (pronounced kich-ah-ree) Spice mix, which is an Indian Curry. Kitchari is a traditional Ayurvedic healing meal.  It is prepared with a cooked mixture of the spice mix, ghee (clarified butter),  yellow mung dal and basmati rice. You will...

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Support your Local Egg Farmer

Support your Local Egg Farmer

Here on Martha’s Vineyard, Kitchen Porch Catering is cooking up a bunch of egg recipes! We have a bunch of farmers who have tons of eggs this time of year. We are testing recipes with eggs and eating eggs for breakfast and lunch and omelettes for dinner!   Check out your local egg farmer...

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Persian Lamb Broth Soup

Persian Lamb Broth Soup

Serves 8 Find a wonderful lamb farmer; my favorites are Allen Farm or Mermaid Farm of Chilmark, MA and Jameson Farm in Pennsylvania. 10 lbs. of lamb bones is a good amount to make a bone broth. I like knuckles cut into small pieces because you will get more collagen and they are easier...

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Potassium and Heart Health

Potassium and Heart Health

John Bagnulo and are heading to Costa Rica this week. Our focus will be living the good life. You know all the things that make life good- well, make us feel good! Things like: walks in the woods (jungle), going barefoot, eating super fresh foods, swimming in the ocean, taking in the ocean breezes,...

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"For me, food and life are one and the same."
Jan Buhrman

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