Metabolic Boot Camp Series: Deep Nutrition

I’m getting psyched for the Metabolic Boot Camp and I am reading:  Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Catherine Shanahan.

This book covers nutrition, genetics, history, medicine, metabolism, and cooking.

From the Four Pillars of World Cuisine, we learn of the healthiest diets and the foods which are common in traditional cultures.

Dr. Shanahan uses research in physiology and genetics to explain why your family’s health depends on eating these foods.

This books gives a good overview of the whole picture and teaches us why our genes need traditional food. And of course we will be reinforcing this in our cooking classes and lectures at our Metabolic Boot Camp!

NOTE: Metabolic Boot Camp participants have access to a password protected page on this site:

Metabolic Boot Camp Recipes

Once boot camp is completed, participants will be given the password to access all the recipes shared during the program.

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