Plum Pudding


SOLD OUT FOR 2016!!!

Every holiday, Jan presents family and friends with a gift from the kitchen. Several years ago the plum pudding was made in individual tins and and wrapped in muslin. The tradition continues with puddings being sold in New York and Boston.

Each traditional pudding is vacuum packed and ready for steaming and of course we provide the recipes for pudding and hard sauce for you and your family to carry on the tradition for years to come.

…from the days of Dickens …..

Inside each of these muslin wrapped packages, is a delicious 1.5 pound plum pudding filled with organic cherries, plums, sultans, dried fruit, farm fresh eggs, organic butter, citrus peels, almond extract, spices and bourbon.

Each Pudding $40 plus S&H

shipping & handling fees:

1-5 puddings $10.

6-10 $22.

11- 20 $30.

for orders more than 20, please call for pricing

Each authentic pudding comes complete with recipes for pudding and hard sauce to carry on the tradition.



Inside each of these muslin wrapped packages, is a delicious plum pudding filled with dates, dried cherry, citrus peels, yellow raisins, eggs, butter, sugar, almond extract, cinnamon, mace, nutmeg and imported brandy.

To serve: Place pudding with vacuumed packed wrapper in pan and fill pan with boiling. Simmer in water bath for 45 minutes. Remove plastic, invert onto serving platter and immediately  pour 1/2 cup of brandy or bourbon and ignite.

Serve with hard sauce.

We ship our puddings from October 15th – December 15th.

Each Pudding $25

plus S&H

1-5 puddings $10.

5-10 $22.

10 – 20 $30.

Call for wholesale pricing on 20 or more puddings.

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