Crépinettes & Gayettes

Here is my favorite recipe for crépinettes
(aka faggots) and gayettes.

My dear friend Abby taught me that while we are making the gayettes, which keep well in the fridge under a layer of lard, one must make a dish of crépinettes (faggots) to serve immediately for breakfast or lunch or an afternoon snack.

Abby and I have adapted this recipe several times over the years and it may not even resemble anything French or Italian, but it is our favorite!

This is not exact – you have to make a few crépinettes, sauté them in a small skillet and try them – adjust the seasonings to your taste!

I like 1/3 liver, 1/3 fat, 1/3 fresh pork
(I find the shoulder to be perfect ratio of fat and meat)
1 pig’s liver (or kidney or both) chopped fine
2/3 fresh meat ground through medium grind
2 small onions diced very small and caramelized
1 bunch fresh parsley
½ cup kirsch
4 cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon each of mace, nutmeg and cinnamon
(Kitchen Porch has Raz el Hanout mixture that is perfect for this!)
1 tablespoon salt
fresh ground pepper

Mix together and wrap into caul fat packages.

They are now ready to be cooked slowly with stock in a shallow dish (45 minutes in a 300 degree oven) Once they are cooked, pour off the juices, place them in a clean dish and cover them in melted lard. Crepinettes in Confit!*

And of course you must have 2 or 6 for snacking immediately, which means lightly slowly sautéed in a skillet until cooked through – delicious on sautéed greens!

*My husband and I had these served cold with a salad of galantines and a glass of champagne in Paris!

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