Roast Lamb
Consider Lamb Over Ham
For Your Easter Dinner This Year

Better After 50
March 30th, 2015
photo credit: Jeremy Keith
The Pig, The Whole Pig, And Nothing But the Pig

Martha’s Vineyard Times
November 5th, 2013
photo credit: Kelsey Perrett


Swine & Dine


Swine and Dine: A celebration of the pig
Martha’s Vineyard Times
November 13, 2012
Photo Credit: Timothy Young

Superfood Watercress Is Just A Forage Away
Vineyard Gazette
May 9, 2013
Photo Credit: Jocelyn Filley

In The Kitchen – Easter/Passover Recipes
BA50 Better After 50
April 3, 2012
Photo Credit: Kelley DeBettencourt

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Jan’s Barley Corn Salad, 2007, featured in The Washington Post

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