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We have a new spice mix at the local West Farmer’s Market. It is a Kitchari (pronounced kich-ah-ree) Spice mix, which is an Indian Curry. Kitchari is a traditional Ayurvedic healing meal.  It is prepared with a cooked mixture of the spice mix, ghee (clarified butter),  yellow mung dal and basmati rice. You will find […]

Support your Local Egg Farmer

Here on Martha’s Vineyard, Kitchen Porch Catering is cooking up a bunch of egg recipes! We have a bunch of farmers who have tons of eggs this time of year. We are testing recipes with eggs and eating eggs for breakfast and lunch and omelettes for dinner!   Check out your local egg farmer who […]

Persian Lamb Broth Soup

Serves 8 Find a wonderful lamb farmer; my favorites are Allen Farm or Mermaid Farm of Chilmark, MA and Jameson Farm in Pennsylvania. 10 lbs. of lamb bones is a good amount to make a bone broth. I like knuckles cut into small pieces because you will get more collagen and they are easier to […]

Potassium and Heart Health

John Bagnulo and are heading to Costa Rica this week. Our focus will be living the good life. You know all the things that make life good- well, make us feel good! Things like: walks in the woods (jungle), going barefoot, eating super fresh foods, swimming in the ocean, taking in the ocean breezes, playing […]

My Favorite Holiday Recipes

My favorite holiday recipes. I wish for you jolly times around the table with  your favorite recipes, good friends and those you love this holiday season. I share with you some of my favorite holiday recipes. Wassail I have created my own version of apple cider and eggnog. I had something like this in a […]

Apple Squash Soup

Apple Squash Soup This is a perfect recipe. It freezes well and is just perfect as the days grow shorter and the fields slow in their growing season! The flavors sweeten and develop over the following days with this soup.  I often use chicken stock when I am at home, but in my kitchen, we […]

Spiced Grape Jelly

I love a good jelly with my pork or lamb. This is the perfect jelly for these meats.       Makes 12 jelly jars 1 gallon grapes with stems removed 1 pint red wine vinegar ¼ cup cloves ¼ stick cinnamon 1 pound of sugar You could make this jam entirely local with the use […]

Peach Tart

As we’re approaching mid-summer, it’s impossible to forget that we are also approaching prime peach season in July and August. We can’t resist the sweetness of a perfect peach, and as such, we want to provide you with our recipe for delicious peach tart. This recipe will make one 11-inch tart, enough for 8 servings. […]

Back Porch Larder to Open Mid May Stay Tuned!

Located at 14 A Street, Edgartown, MA   (across from the RMV- right side of the building) Each day we will offer a daily special as well as Chilmark Coffee, Teas, our Fabulous New England Traditional (Dairy Free) Wampanoag Chowder, hand pies, dips and salsas, and more. Our bakery will also be pumping out baked goods […]

Arugula Pesto

Ingredients 3 handfuls of arugula 1 bunch of parsley 1 bunch of scallions 1 bunch of mint 4 cloves of garlic zest and juice of one lemon 1 tablespoon oil 1/2 cup capers Instructions Place all in vita prep or food processor and blend. This will keep for many weeks in the fridge if you […]

Stuffed Onions

Stuffed Onions is a Catering Favorite on Martha’s Vineyard. I will stuff onions from Morning Glory Farm with Sweet Potato Mash, Summer Ratatouille,  or Corn Souffle!(depending on what is in the fields of course! This is one of those easy to make with left-overs dishes that can be perfect as a main dish and side salad […]

Oat Biscuits

We serve these biscuits alongside Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries and Peaches and cream or, with Strawberries and Rhubarb. A house staple at the Kitchen Porch, they are great served warm out of the oven for breakfast with honey butter. Ingredients 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour, more as needed (for Gluten free, our kitchen uses Bob’s Red […]

"For me, food and life are one and the same."
Jan Buhrman

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