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Honey Sweet GF Blue Cornbread

Honey Sweet Gluten Free Blue Cornbread feeds 18-24 (approx. size of half sheet pan) always use local and organic ingredients when possible! We love using Anson Mills products. Founder Glenn Roberts and Creative Director Kay Rentschler , owner of The Millers Wife, a food truck on Martha’s Vineyard selling the most amazing Crepes (you can find her on […]

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is in season in the Southwest. Last year I learned from a Mexican farmer who was harvesting prickly pear, that this cactus is the cure to many ailments and that is eaten in many different forms. Prickly pear cactus is called nopal in Spanish, is a plant native to the southwest where they […]

Lamb’s Liver Pate

Lamb’s Liver is the World’s richest source of B vitamins, and an incredible source of iron, zinc, copper, vitamin A and D. And, most interestingly, liver may contain yet-to-be-identified nutrients that exhibit profound influence on strength, resiliency, and endurance. We should all try to include liver in our diet and here I share a recipe […]

This is a mini series of how our lectures and cooking classes are presented

John Bagnulo and Jan Buhrman have been creating retreats together since 2009. The first series was called  “When Science Hits The Pan”. Throughout the years, and as we evolve on this path of heath, lectures have changed, foods are reconsidered, and new studies present new evidence. It’s all about the food, the soil, the environment […]

Please consider joining us in Taos New Mexico for a new approach, new recipes, and a new experience. There Are Limited Spaces Available.

We are inviting you to join us for a very unique detoxification and liver support program. Maybe you just need a check-in and realignment to get back on track with healthy eating and living. Perhaps you take medications, have had bouts of sugar addiction and/or excessive carbohydrate intake, have had limited sun exposure, or have […]

Chicken Soup

It’s flu season and one way to stay healthy is to keep your immune system strong. I believe that a dose of healing soup can be as preventative in keeping the flu away as a flue shot- with offers much better after affects. The Healing Recipe: Chicken Soup The key is to start with good […]

Plum Puddings and Hard Sauce

You can find our plum puddings for sale here. Every holiday season, we create 100s of puddings out of of our day old croissants and popovers. We have been making puddings for over 20years and it has become a Kitchen Porch tradition to have a plum pudding. To serve our plum pudding, steam for 1 […]

Best of the Vineyard

Best of the Vineyard gives businesses and non-profits and places, the chance to be recognized for their work and achievements, and we at Kitchen Porch and Back Porch have been so humbled by all the support we’ve received over the last four years. Please consider voting for us again. Last year (2017) we were voted […]

Spice up your Holiday Recipes

This holiday season consider a dinner that brings out the warm spices of cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. Similar to the spices of apple pie and oatmeal cookies, these spices originate in North Africa and the Middle East and originated as savory meal enhancers.. These flavors work well together; consider a ginger whipped […]

Plastics and Our Health

John Bagnulo and I offered a Fall Cleanse retreat last week. Our focus was on Plastics, Gut Health and a Low Carb Diet. Gut health and the interrelationships between environmental or psychological stress was the common thread throughout the week. Plastics have a huge effect on human health, and cause long-term pollution in our food […]

The Thanksgiving Menu

Created by  Jan Buhrman and Meave McAuliffe Here we have created a Thanksgiving menu with all the recipes. We offer gluten free alternative and no white sugar. We substitute the sweetness with dates and honey and love! This is the menu for the Thanksgiving Cooking Class. One 12-16-pound turkey ~ cooks about 1.5 hours: Allow […]

We Are Preparing for Our Upcoming Cleanse this October

John Bagnulo and I have been teaching workshops since 2009 and we are a solid team. John teaches science and I teach the recipes. We both teach about balance and well being and ways to tune into your own health. We have a lot of fun teaching and learning from our participants and from each […]

"For me, food and life are one and the same."
Jan Buhrman

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