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April 2014
“I just returned from the Spring Cleanse with Jan Buhrman and John Bagnulo. Wow! I was prepared to be bored eating only fruit and veggies, but the food was delicious – smoothies, soups, salads, and curries full of flavor and spices. Jan gave lots of cooking demonstrations and we all got a chance to help in the kitchen. John gave two nutrition talks a day on the healing power of food, the latest research and best culinary practices. I can’t believe how much I learned. In between there were hikes, yoga classes, bike rides and plenty of free time. I went with a friend and we had so much fun meeting all the other great people that Jan attracts to these events. It was a intimate setting with plenty of space for us to spread out and on the beautiful surroundings. Centrally located to walk into town on our own or bike to South Beach. It was a perfect week and if you have a chance to go, I heartily recommend it.”
Laura P.,  Spring Cleanse

April 2014
“The presentations were excellent, the cooking demonstrations were awesome. I considered myself a healthy informative person when it came to health and I learned so much about using all of the food both for nutrient density and for cost savings!. I can’t wait to do another class with you both!’
Sara, Washington D.C, Spring Cleanse

April 2014
“Thank you! I haven’t learned this much since Medical School! You really know how to attract a great group of like minded, interesting people to your program! The food was outstanding. I look forward to future workshops.”
Jon G., Spring Cleanse

April 2014
“My vocabulary has expanded in ways I never thought possible: cafestroll, tricycleserides, met halation, oxidative stress. I now understand my health and am armed to defend it with my physician and know what I need to eat and cook (40 vegetables a week!) Thanks to John and Jan who know how to make this approachable. I will be back for more.”
Diane, Spring Cleanse

April 2014
“This was an outstanding weekend…So much knowledge gained with great presentations. If anything they were a bit long, but I wanted more, maybe add a day and make the presentations a bit shorter? Wonderful ideas and I will be returning!”
M. Elizabeth, Culinary & Garden Adventure

April 2014
Who knew my gut needs to be as healthy as my soil? Who knew we would be eating grubs for lunch? Who knew one could have so much fun in the mud? Seriously, this was an adventure! See you in the Fall!
J.B., Culinary & Garden Adventure

March 2014
My husband and I had one of the best trips of our lives this winter during a retreat in Costa Rica with chef Jan Buhrman and nutritionist John Bagnulo. What stands out as highlights are the community of like-minded people we got to know, the incredible local food prepared and coordinated by Jan, the immersion into nature, and the inspiration we came away with to take our health and nutrition to the next level. Jan organized a relaxing, informative, experiential retreat in one of the most beautiful settings we’ve ever been to. We loved it so much that we’re signing up for two weeks next year!
Michelle Maclean, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Costa Rica Restorative Adventure

May 2012
The class yesterday was outstanding! Foraging for nettles and then cutting our own asparagus! You speak with such ease and fluidity on issues I never considered. Not only have you changes the way I think about farming, I now know how to make a wonderful supper of nettle pasta and white bean dip. It was truly remarkable.
Donna, Cambridge, MA

May 2012
The farm tours were life transforming. You clearly have a love and admiration for these farmers and their land. Your spontaneity and willingness to share your experiences and perspective were very inspirational. I learned so much and came away feeling as though I looked at food and farming in a very different way. Thank you!
Linda, Newton, MA

November 2011
I’m ready to switch over to Raw. I loved the class. I loved the food. I love your style. I can’t wait to go home and try all these recipes you have given! Thank You!
Penny, Scottsdale, AZ

November 2010
“I had such a wonderful time yesterday at the cooking class. The food, the company, the ideas- everything was fabulous. I’m walking around my kitchen re-thinking everything. You gave me so much, not just for my Thanksgiving meal, but for the entire way I look at food. I’m so inspired, I pulled out several recipes and cookbooks this morning. I can’t wait to prepare something. And I’m thinking how lucky we are to live on this island with all its local food and resources.”
D.C , Chilmark and Boston, MA