Squash Squash Squash Farm Tour!

 Squash Squash Squash! Monday | October 29th, 10 am-1 pm

$90.00 per person

 Sugar Pie! Baby Boo! Honey Nut! Sweet Dumpling! Buttercup! Cinderella! Sweet Dumpling! Are these terms of endearment or simply our favorite squash? We will begin at Morning Glory Farm, one of the largest farms on Martha’s Vineyard. This is a behind the scenes tour of the farm. One never knows quite what to expect. We will meet the farmer, walk the fields, visit with the animals and harvest what is available! We will get a private look into the greenhouse full of squash, get to know the flavor & different squash families. We will top our day off with an intimate tasting of squash varieties. Bring us your squash kitchen challenges and we will teach you how to master and navigate your cooking dilemmas!  Join us as we explore Blackfutso, Blue Hubbard, Crooked Neck, Long Island Cheese, Carnival, Red Kuri, Spaghetti, Acron and  many more  of our favorite winter wonders!