Create Your Own Experience! 

Every set of hands tells a story. It takes intimate knowledge and a true connection to the land to instill a deep sense of place. Our mission at Kitchen Porch is to re-connect the farmer, the community and the fork on Martha’s Vineyard. 

We create experiences that tell the story, honor the farmers and artisans who nourish our community. We can create behind the scenes farming and fishing tours. Come meet the fisherman or farmers.

We can culminate the event with a hands on cooking class bringing our efforts to  a communal table. Conversations around the table will celebrate the labor of our farmers with Chef Jan Buhrman. Meals include hors d’oeuvres, soup, warn salad, Vineyard raised meats, poultry, fish. ..And of course dessert! We always have a story to share over a Vineyard harvest.

This is a great for a girls night, corporate retreat, entertaining friends, family or just in need of some holiday meal prep ideas, tips and tricks with friends! 

Heck, we recently cooked with a family a whole day to fill a freezer for a few weeks. 

We made stocks, soups, sauces, dinners and pies! What Fun!

We can create a fun experience around the bounty of the what the Vineyard brings!

Our program if fully customizable, we look forward to bringing your culinary ideas to life! Call us  to customize your experience

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