Iguana Lodge Directions


Maxine handles all the logistics of getting to the Lodge form San Jose. We have been traveling to the Lodge for 5 years now and Maxine has delivered our participants with ease and comfort! Below she outlines what she needs form you and AS SOON as you book your flights, please contact her with the information so that she can reserve for you the best flights to connect to the Osa. Is is about a 45 minute flight form San Jose to Puerto Jimenez in the Osa.  A jeep will greet you when your plane lands and take you to the Lodge. It is about a 10 minute ride to the Lodge from the airport. Here is a note from Maxine that covers most of the details:

Greetings from the Jungles of the Osa Peninsula…

It is important that you let the possible participants know to contact me well before with their international flight info, names as they appear on their passports as soon as they can so that I can book them a flight.
One great thing is that Sansa has an early flight that allows the participants to schedule their international departure by 11am(which I understand a lot of the international flights depart). The international airlines need no later than 2 hour pre-flight check-in so the 7am flight gets them there in time.
I am happy to answer questions and make the required flights you may give them all this email address and the info below also, thanks.

I am so pleased that you will be visiting us here on the incredible Osa Peninsula at the Iguana Lodge. I will be happy to assist you with any travel arrangements you may need, please do not hesitate to contact me if there are questions or requests, I am happy to help.

I will attach the Domestic flight schedules for both Sansa and Nature Air, if you cannot open it please let me know and I can send it in a different format. Please advise me which of the airlines and flights you prefer and I will be happy to make those reservations for you. Please provide all passengers names as the airlines request this information, thank you.
FYI: It takes about 1 hour to pass through immigration, baggage claim and customs upon arrival, please take this into account when booking your international flight reservations. Also for international departure the airline request 3 hour pre-flight check-in; we suggest minimum 2 hours before your international departure. You will need to purchase departure tax stamps and pass through airport security more stringent than previously. 
Please let me know which hotel and flights you prefer, thank you.
If you are travelling from South America you will need to show proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.
We can also help to make any other travel arrangements you may need, i.e. San Jose hotel reservations, car rental, or taxi transfers. If you would like for us to place you on our bilingual taxi driver’s schedule we will need the following information; airline, flight #’s, arrival/departure times and destination in San Jose. Colochos charges $30 – $45/one-way taxi transfer depending on distance and you would please pay him directly, thank you.
Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
We recommend Traveler’s Insurance as it not only insures you against trip cancellation but also against theft and loss. If you are traveling with expensive equipment, it’s a no-brainer, and generally costs about three percent of your trip, please see https://www.sevencorners.com/, thank you.
Pura Vida,

Iguana Lodge & Spa Beach Resort
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