On the Farm Dinner

July 28th, 2016 at North Tabor Farm 

It takes intimate knowledge about the hands that work the land to impart a true connection to a place. Our mission at Kitchen Porch is to re-connect the farmer, the community, and the fork on Martha’s Vineyard. At the On the Farm Dinner, we seek to honor the local farmers and artisans who work to nourish our community. Our farm to table evening will feature a communal table. reuniting friends and neighbors that value local sustainable effort. Conversations at the table will tell the stories of the hands that have callused to provide the food; we will celebrate the efforts of our farmers! We will end the evening gathered around the fire. A selection of freshly picked and assorted flowers at North Tabor Farm’s stand at the Farmer’s Market
. Come strengthen the intimate bond between self and place by tasting food that savors local efforts.The personal ambiance is the centerpiece of the On the Farm Dinner. Hurry and get your tickets today! Our limit is 30 guests; we want to ensure that the experience is cozy. We hope to see you at the table!

When: July 28th, 2016
Where: Located at North Tabor Farm
Limit: 30 Guests

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